Upgrade Your Work Space to Improve Team Productivity

It takes the simplest of things to effect a big change in a workplace. Read on to find tips to improve the productivity of your employees and get the best out of them.

Go green or pastel, choose trendy furniture or organize activities, there are many things one can do to improve productivity in the office. Create a space which makes your employees look forward to working and growing in.


Green Office

Go Green to improve your team’s productivity


Green Plants


Bring in the leafy greens, and we don’t mean the edible kind, into your office and see the sagging shoulders of your comrades-in-arms perk up. Studies have shown that adding greenery to a workplace improves the productivity of the team. Whether they are show plants like ferns or the good old creepers, plants not only purify the air of the place but also brightens moods, add beauty to the office and make you want to perform better. Try succulents, they are beautiful and do not really require a lot of watering. And frankly, if your office doesn’t do plants, then gt small potted tubs and make your cubicle homier.


Green Indoor Plants

Festive décor adds panache and style


Add Green Plants…

The onset of winter heralds the festive season for us. With Durga Puja, Diwali and Christmas all lined up one after the other; why not bring in winter plants and decoration to add a festive cheer? Pine, fir, oriental Thuja or holly can be used to add decorative tones to the workplace. These trees also come in potted varieties and can be placed in common areas and even between desks. Try creating wreaths of white flowers and leaves of holly or pine and hang them on doors or from windows. Uber modern in looks, such decorations add to the beauty of the office space and puts a smile on the faces of your team members.

The power of pastels

Instead of reds, greens and blues, how about getting your office-walls painted in shades of pastel colors? Inherently soothing and cooling to the senses, pastels evoke images of the chic and graceful times of the past. Go pastel especially if you have a large number of women working in your office. Pastels definitely have a hint of femininity. Create a charming workplace for your co-workers with lots of green plants and let the cool ambiance work its magic on their productivity. Pastels heighten your sense of aesthetics and makes a team member look forward to the day in the office.

Start with the cubicles

A cubicle is like a home away from home for your team members. It is perhaps the most important element of a workplace- after the coffee machine of course! Transform the cubicles in such a way as to make it a happy place- it will definitely improve the productivity of the team. Urge your team to decorate their cubicles with photographs, motivational posters, colorful stick notes with catchphrases or organizers and stationery in bright colors. All these ideas would really lead to an upswing in the mood of your team and help with their performance.

Have fun with the furniture


A Pouf

The furniture that you choose for your office is important. The typical chair-table routine has now given way to the more cosmopolitan designs like bean bags, ergonomic chairs, pouffes and footstools (Hi IKEA!), couches and even armchairs! It is all about the perfect postures to improve the productivity of your employees and keep them fit. Choose furniture that enhances the theme of your office interior but also looks after the comfort of your employees. Why not choose earthy tones to go with the green-life growing in your office? Bring nature inside!

Footstools and Pouffes Store!

Or, let your furniture speak of bohemian chicness. Bright, eye-popping colored chairs, stools and tables would really perk up the place.

Activate your team!

Festive or theme based activities bring a spirit of team-work and infuse the workspace with energy. Organize activities on a regular basis to help employees feel light-hearted and make daily work hours more fun. Ask your team to create something out of waste paper or leftovers and let there be a competition- cubicle to cubicle!

Put the heart back into your office to improve the productivity of your employees and let your office be a place brimming with zest, energy, and verve!
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