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Wahsome is a blog that counts on the wisdom, experience, and acumen of its community to produce great content and we’d love your participation!

We favor posts that:

  • Present an exclusive perspective
  • Consider a topic from a fresh angle
  • Employ a practical approach allowing readers to apply the info to their own lives

We may choose to decline your submission because it is not unique; the topic lacks relevance; we have a surplus of articles, or we have already published a few posts on similar topics.

Also, we have a few guidelines and suggestions to be followed that could help in the publication of your submissions.

Kindly ensure that your submission:
  • Delivers quality
  • Is unique to Wahsome!
  • Includes links, link text, visuals etc. that you wish to include
  • Appropriate links to third-party sources, if applicable
  • Respects copyright laws
  • Includes a title, subheadings, main content, and your profile/byline
  • The submissions are exclusive to Wahsome!
  • Ensure your topic is under one of the sections or subsections on Wahsome!
  • Write in your own, independent style! No need to ape anybody!
  • Ensure all submissions are in MS Word format

We certainly don’t mind promoting you with links to your own blog/site, but subtly! Also, we hold the right to edit your submissions- for titles, openings, grammar, spelling, and content itself, where inappropriate, and conclusions. So go ahead, write for us!

You may submit your post through our contact form or mail it to submit@wahsome.com

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In case you have any questions, please contact us through the contact form and we shall address your concerns. Thank you for your interest in Wahsome!

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