Welcome to Wahsome!- the Awesome Blog!!

“Wah!” in Hindi/Hindustani is a similar exclamation to “Wow!” in English. They both express an overwhelming feeling of awe, admiration, amazement, appreciation. Thus was born the ‘Hinglish’ word “Wahsome!

Our aim is to equip and inspire you with information, honest reviews, and tips to enhance your life experience.

We are a small team of researchers and authors that have been at the forefront of delivering researched information to corporates and other institutions and individuals. We have been at this for over eight years now. Therefore, we decided to use our expertise to assist Netizens in making informed choices in whatever areas possible. This humble effort is towards that end.

Wahsome! is dedicated to creating content on diverse topics such as health, technology, travel, relationships, reviews and more. Consequently, we hope to enrich the lives of those who read our blog in whatever best way we can.

This blog will have contributions from authors of various hues and experiences. We humbly invite you to be a part of Wahsome! too- as a reader, writer or a commenter.

Wahsome is at a very nascent stage and we look forward to your support and suggestions as we evolve. Connect with us by subscribing to our newsletter through the ‘Subscribe’ form. You can also join us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social sites. Once again, Welcome to Wahsome!

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