The Power of Visualization

Imagine someone comes up to you and asks you directions to a place that you are very familiar with. You instantly start rattling off lefts and rights and landmarks even. You feel very good, don’t you? Now imagine that it was a place you very rarely visit or haven’t been to in a long time. Your directions will now have a lot of ‘I thinks’ and ‘maybes’, and it becomes very difficult for you to be completely sure of your directions. Such is the power of visualization – breeding familiarity.



Familiarity is the core function of one’s visualizing abilities. When you want to achieve something real bad, you visualize.


So, how does this work? It’s all in the brain. Your brain has the ability to store and analyze really huge amounts of information, images, facts, and details. Using this data, your brain conjures up an idea, a thought. This thought or idea is then placed in a central focus point. Every cell in your body will now focus on this one thought. You become intensely aware of only the output you want achieved, and that image in your head becomes a subconsciously dominant part of you. Your brain now works to bring everything around you, be it physical or mental, to sync with the image in your head. Eventually, your body and mind become completely in tune and familiar with what you want to achieve. So much so that it automatically moves toward the goal and puts everything into achieving it.

Therefore, just like you kept repeating your examination answers as a kid in your head until they came to you ‘by heart’, visualization helps you get your life’s dreams ‘by heart’! And unlike Superman’s superhuman strength, this is a power that each and every individual possesses.

Most people do not harness this power though. Being a visionary is looked upon as something only great people can be. But what made those ordinary people great? The power of visualization! Seeing what you want to create first takes you a very long way in your quest of creating it. Many successful athletes focus on conditioning their minds to get their body to behave in the way it should.

Creating something in your mind and then creating it in real life. That is what visualization is all about.



Creative Visualization

When you believe, use your imagination, condition and allow yourself to become completely engulfed in what you want, you can achieve anything. Use your power of visualization, and go get what you want, today!

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