How to Stay Healthy in the 40s

Healthy in the 40s

You’ve entered the 40s- the relentless march of time takes its toll on everybody and sooner or later youth is left far behind-  Furthermore, ‘middle’ age begins to set in and you’re on the threshold of a fresh, new chapter of your life. When you enter the 40s, the realization actually dawns on you and you feel trapped. You’re caught, in a sense, between a mostly disappointing past and an uncertain future. So, how to stay healthy in the 40s is a question that is most pertinent


Difference in Perception

Traveling down memory lane, you look back at the younger, more confident you that could manage to do just about anything. You could take misfortunes and disappointments in your stride and not turn a hair. Now, you begin to feel the gentle pressure from all around. A heightened sense of anxiety envelops you along with the familiar feeling of being unable to cope. While all that’s understandable, remember, how you shape your life is entirely in your hands!

Age is just a number!

Age is just a numerical figure that tries to bog you down mentally. However, if the spirit is willing, then there is nothing to stop you from transforming your life dramatically. As someone said- “I’m not forty, I’m 18 with 22 years of experience.” Yes, you are only as old as you think you are- nothing more, nothing less.

Good health plays an important role in determining how good you feel about yourself and as you grow older.  In fact, it becomes the factor in your life. Health and nutrition are catalysts that trigger your body and help you beat ‘time and aging’ to an extent, at its own game.

Undoubtedly, a healthy mind and a healthy body are the spanners that open the faucets of happiness. Staying healthy in the 40s is a cinch!


So, first of all-

Have no regrets

There are no secrets to aging gracefully but the first golden rule is to ‘shed the hangovers’ of yesterday. As you sweep into the 40s, don’t carry the baggage of ‘regrets and unfulfilled aspirations’ along with you. They can worm into your existence and gnaw away at your vitals, leaving you dispirited and frustrated. Does it really matter whether you’ve accomplished something or not- most of us never do it in our lifetimes! What the Dickens, there is only one Newton and Einstein, one Galileo, one Freud and one Monet! The rest of the world is filled with the ordinary folk like you and me that always live just on one side of the river. Be content to swim in it occasionally but if you don’t reach the other side- it doesn’t matter. Know your limitations and accept them- you’ll be happier for it!

Keep a handle on your stress levels

As you swirl into the 40s, other issues swirl in too. And staying healthy in the 40s is one of the priorities for you. There are challenges to deal with, ups and downs of everyday life, new anxieties and financial insecurity. All this can sometimes be overwhelming. The key is not to let them get the better of you at any time. Every issue has a solution- learn to tackle things as they occur as best as you can. By doing so you have a sense of accomplishment and a new purpose in life. Keep ticking always, and above all never let up at any time- allow your experience to kick in then.

Start Anew

After years of doing different things at different times and at different places, you enter a phase that’s not demanding at all. Hence, you feel at a loose end- so tighten up the gaps. There are a hundred new things that you can do. Given what you innately are, there is no dearth of opportunities. Move out of your comfort zone and take the plunge. You’ll be surprised at the end results.

Never stop learning

Learning is a big booster and the day you stop doing that, you stop living! Therefore, learn anything that fascinates you, be it technology, painting or languages. This gives you another impetus- something to look forward to every day. It’s never too old to begin something new. You’ll be surprised at how accommodating and adaptive your mind is. You become young again and life is more fulfilling with the knowledge that you are achieving something on your own. With the Internet at your command and with a will to learn, nothing’s impossible. Learning is mentally stimulating and consequently reverses the effects of aging.



Slip on your running shoes

Walk, run, dance, or skip if you don’t like going to the gym, but get those endorphins working for you. These ‘good feel chemicals’ make you vivacious and fill you with powerful happy emotions. Your heart and brain are energized and new cells are formed. Experience the euphoria and watch how it transforms your life by making it fuller and better.

Eat wisely and right

Physical health and brain health are pre-requisites for good health and good health is essential for living a good life. Eat food that’s rich in nutrients and vitamins, go in for rich and varied colored fruits and vegetable. Ingest good fats and counter the effect of those ‘destructive free radicals’ in your body. Drink lots of water, eschew smoking and embrace good living.



In conclusion, the bottom line is to reinvent yourself in a new avatar. Also, absorb the emotional and cognitive shifts that the 40s and 50s tend to bring along and go on a journey of discovery and achievement. Read widely, write, listen to music, soak in the happiness that you feel, enjoy the ‘good feel’ moments and savor life to the full. Above all, settle for what you have and you will feel the glow of contentment and the aura of accomplishment all around you. Bask in its warmth. And you will stay healthy in the 40s and 50s and 60s and…

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