3 Oft-Repeated New Year’s Resolutions That Are Seldom Kept!





  • a firm decision to do or not to do something
  • the quality of being determined or resolute

The word, ‘Resolution’ has a sort of ‘compulsory’ tone to it. How about we read it a little different then? Let’s look at ‘Resolution’ as ‘Re-solution’.


Sounds like we are half way through already!

Since we had a solution once, we are re-looking at it again. We are re-doing it. Imagine, a chance to re-do 365 days of your life. An opportunity to work the magic, once again. And what better time to look at it, than a new year. New Year resolutions are after all a norm!


New Year’s Resolutions


3 New Year’s resolutions that are seldom kept!

As much as it is a practice to keep New Year’s resolutions, just so much is the cliché that New Year’s resolutions are seldom kept. These New Year’s resolutions have a typical trend. They start off strong and consistent, right till the first weekend. Yes, blame it on the weekend, especially the first Sunday which is the first official crowned ‘cheat-day’. It is basically downhill from there. Resolutions backed by heart and not just will, make it through the second week as well. Few and rare, make it to the end of January. But February anyway has 28 days; so what’s the point not being consistent even with the 30 days!

Jokes apart, but let’s have a hard look at the top 3 New Year’s resolutions that are seldom kept.



Exercise Regularly

1. Exercise

Any gym instructor will second the popular opinion that the gym attendance abnormally shoots on 1st of January. Many new faces, many new first-timers hit the gym to keep up with their fitness goals set for the New Year. But the number slowly trickles down and only a few exceptions carry on further.

Tip: Look at fitness as a routine and not a variation.




Eat Healthy Food

2. Eat Healthy

We are a generation that is spoilt for choices. In an already existing variety of food options, we now have a variety of delivery options. Eat anything, anytime, anywhere. Watermelon is a year-long fruit as opposed to only-in-summer, Kiwi is no longer an exotic of New Zealand alone and Quinoa is suddenly the staple food grain of Madhya Pradesh! With localization of global food items, the authenticity of the native food and cooking practices finds itself at a serious crosshair with present day lifestyle and environment. So yes, we can try but we can hardly keep away from bread or its very many forms.

Tip: Indulge but only to invest in your health.




Quit Smoking

3. Quit Addiction

Whether it is drinking, smoking, clubbing or weeding, too much of anything is bad. Among these old sprees of addictions, we now have the 21st-century additions. Too much screen-time, the Facebook-finger, social network avenues and more. New Year’s is the time to take a hard look at it and time slice between necessities and peripherals, to maintain a good balance.

Tip: Control access to means of addiction


Normally, the top lists of  ‘re-solutions’ revolve around us, as individuals. These resolutions involve us and ‘only us’ and that’s probably the reason we fail to keep up to it. I need to exercise, I need to eat healthy, or, I need to quit a particular addiction. Change the ‘to-do’ list to ‘to-do-with’ list and maybe then it will come across as a solution that you seek rather than the compulsion you whip yourself into.

For instance,

Exercise with your partner, your friend, your mom even;

Eat Healthy with your family, your friends, why not your boss?;

Quit Addiction with a new hobby instead, a new fixation or a new allowance!


Don’t be so hard on yourself. Often repeated New Year resolutions are seldom kept. But look at them as ‘re-solutions’. Your chance at re-doing the 365 days for a better year-end, for a better you at the year-end.

Re-do. Re-You.

Re-Happy 2019!!

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