Some New Gadgets that Caught My Fancy

Some New Gadgets that Caught my Fancy!

New Gadgets inundate the Market

New gadgets are constantly making their appearance, one after the other. The innovativeness and intuitiveness that goes into them sometimes take your breath away.  There seems to be a gadget just about for everything. Our continued and increasing dependence on them unfolds an exciting scenario for the near future. Although there are hundreds of new gadgets on the market just now, a few caught my rather resolute attention!

Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

Though e-readers have emerged in a big way, they have in no way dimmed the love for physical books. In fact, many book lovers miss the act of holding them in their hand and turning pages as they enter into a world that’s akin to none other. This relatively new gadget is probably just right for them- a rather sleek looking  Electronic Dictionary Bookmark that makes the Oxford dictionary almost redundant!


The Electronic Dictionary Bookmark!

As you read you can also look up meanings of words by just typing them in. That does make a whale of difference to avid readers who don’t want to stop in the middle and hunt for the word in the dictionary. The bookmark comes in different colors and looks gorgeous. It’s made of plastic, is a handy size and certainly very easy to use. Book lovers, are you listening?

The Foreign Language Translator

The Smart Earpiece!

This one really breaks language barriers by translating foreign languages into a language of your choice. Just imagine how cool that is! You needn’t know a particular language to understand it. The Pilot– a smart ear-piece, will seamlessly translate everything into your very own native tongue!

French, Spanish, Italian or German, it just makes no difference. You don’t need to learn even a single new word to follow all that’s being said. Of course, the gadget does have a few limitations- it essentially caters to select European Romantic and Germanic languages. However, the possibility of it enveloping more languages in the near future is rather bright. When that happens, these relatively new gadgets will become indispensable tools for language translators and language lovers around the world.

Dreem- the Sleep Inducer

Do you suffer from insomnia? Are you yearning for a good night’s sleep? Well, there are thousands of sleep trackers that supposedly help improve the quality of sleep, but they seldom do the trick. If you’re looking for one that will actually induce sleep, then this one is for you. It’s just a headband that’s lined in foam and covered in softness, and you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable wearing it.


Dreem: The Sleep Inducer

This wonderful headband syncs extremely well with sleep wave activity and uses sensors to improve the quality of sleep. It has a unique built-in alarm that takes into account your sleep pattern and then identifies the optimal moment to wake you. There’s just no chance of it waking you up at an unearthly hour. That’s some kind of an alarm, isn’t it??

Carry your Keyboard in Your Pocket

Typing on your tablet can be a pain in your, well, knuckles, and carrying a physical peripheral along is equally irritating. Whoa! Hold on though! What if you could carry it on your key fob? Unbelievable? Well, but that’s true. Enter the virtual world with the Keychain Virtual Keyboard!


Keychain Virtual Keyboard

This device is no bigger than a matchbox and transforms any flat surface into a full-sized board that you can type on. You can use it with your smartphone or your tablet- so say goodbye to painful-one finger typing on these devices. The gadget is really cool and if you use it sparingly, it’s likely to last you the whole day.

Stapleless Stapler

Stapleless Stapler!

Ever heard of a stapler that doesn’t need staples? Incredible, but true. In fact, though the idea has been around for some time, it’s taken quite a while to perfect this new gadget. When the stapler is used on a few sheets of paper, it makes two cuts a big one and a smaller one at the top. The small tab of paper that’s ejected folds over the top cuts and bonds the sheets together. Say goodbye to jammed staplers today! Heave a sigh of relief that you don’t have to hunt for staples any longer. There is a limit on the number of sheets that you can staple at a time but largely, the stapler more than serves the purpose.

Wi-Fi Detector Baseball Cap

Wi-Fi Detector Baseball Cap

So what are you waiting for– just check out this baseball cap. If you’re wondering what’s the connection between a cap and Wi-Fi, here it is… When you are on the go (and that’s most of the time) you look frantically for spots that offer free Wi-Fi. You roam around with your smartphone in your hand, stopping near pillars and posts in the hope of getting a connectivity signal. Well, this baseball cap lights up whenever it detects a Wi-Fi signal and the indicator even tells you its strength! The cap is powered by 2 CR2032 batteries. In case you’re close to a Starbucks outlet, enjoy the coffee as well!

USB Shades

USB Shades

A really impressive but quirky one this. Your shades are more than just mere eye-wear though they look pretty ordinary. They have a locking panel on the right side and if you just give it a tug, you’ll see it transform into a 4 GB flash drive! This can store all the data that you wish to carry around. You just need to plug it into your PC or laptop and go ahead and work on the files. Just imagine carrying your documents in your shades!! Just be careful you don’t misplace them or lose your specs- especially if your files are important. Certainly, a cool way to lug around data. As cool as the shades themselves- which, incidentally, is by Calvin Klien!

These are but just a small tip of the huge ‘new gadgets ice-berg‘ as it melts its way into markets across the world. I’ve got my eyes open for even more weird ones. Do you? Let me know too! And stay tuned for more, soon.

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