9 Must-Have Modern Kitchen Appliances

9 Modern Kitchen Appliances


A Modern Kitchen

Adding various kitchen appliances to your kitchen will definitely simplify your work, saving time and energy. Among the diverse appliances available on the market, you must decide which one is most essential and useful depending on your space and budget. Most appliances make life easy for you, but there are some that you just cannot be without!  Therefore, I would love to present a list of 9 must-have appliances in your modern kitchen essential for the everyday chores. I list them below, in random order.


  1. Food-processor

A Food Processor

First of all on my list is the ubiquitous food processor. You probably have a mixer–grinder already and may not feel the need for a food processor. However, once you use it you cannot do without its versatility! Apart from chopping, cutting, mincing, and blending you can knead a perfect dough and also make all kinds of fresh juices. Be it a big party or just a meal preparation for a nuclear family, a food processor proves to be your extra hand!


  1. Microwave Oven

A Microwave Oven

Another must-have appliance in your modern kitchen is a microwave oven. It cooks, bakes, grills, defrosts and in addition it is best suited for reheating your meal in a jiffy! A microwave oven comes with an automatic on-off feature which is very essential for your busy lifestyle. All it needs is a small space on your kitchen platform to stand on, and an appropriate power socket to plug it in!

Smart Gadget Choices!

  1. Smart Refrigerator

A Smart Refrigerator

The advanced technology used in the smart refrigerator makes your life even more comfortable and you, smarter! These refrigerators have a unique design with separate compartments for each requirement. They also have an inbuilt digital panel that can be controlled and monitored through applications in your smartphones for performing various tasks. This is a most useful appliance for a modern kitchen which, while keeping food fresh also helps to avoid wastage of food.


  1. Induction Cooktop


    An Induction Cooktop


Another very essential kitchen appliance for your modern living is the induction cook-top. It is a great appliance without the harmful effects of emissions. Heating takes place through magnetic induction rather than a flame or electrical heating element. Furthermore, the power consumption of this appliance is very low, helping save on electricity costs. Also, the food preparation consumes takes lesser time as opposed to other appliances. It is pretty easy to clean and has a very low maintenance cost. It is easy to clean and has a very low maintenance cost.


  1. Dishwasher


Yet another irresistible appliance for your kitchen is the humble dishwasher. Washing used utensils has never been easier than with this machine. All you need to do is put in the plates and vessels and switch the appliance on! Everything is automated and at the end of the wash cycle, all the utensils are clean and dry! All you need to do is store the cleaned items away. Just make sure you look for adjustable racks and fold down tines so that you can make room for variable vessel size. Over the years, dishwashers have become more sophisticated in technology and easier to use. This has become one kitchen appliance you can’t do without!

Modern Appliances Help Keep Your Kitchen Clean

  1. Electric Chimney

An Electric Chimney

The purpose of the electric chimney is to eliminate smoke and fumes produced while cooking. The different types of spices used in while cooking leaves you teary-eyed or with a sneezing fit. This is where the electric chimney comes in handy as it removes all the fumes generated. The powerful fans use the suction method and eliminate the smoke and gasses in the open environs outside. It comes in two variants- metal grease filter and baffle filter. Opt for one which is suitable for your kitchen.

You would also need to gauge the volume area of your kitchen to choose a chimney with appropriate suction power.  You could choose one with high suction power and low noise feature. Since the baffle filter option sucks grease along with the smoke in the air, the kitchen becomes less stuffy. The electric chimney is especially relevant when you want to keep your kitchen air clean.


  1. Rice cooker

An Electric Rice Cooker

A rice cooker, while not a necessity, definitely adds to your convenience. This kitchen appliance makes cooking rice a simple chore. You have a choice between an electric cooker and one that you use over your cook-top or hotplate. All you need to do is add rice and water into the cooker in appropriate quantities and let it boil. Your cooked rice is ready in minutes, allowing you to concentrate on other chores. Almost all modern cookers have an additional attachment (steaming dish) for steaming vegetables. Therefore, you save time and energy!


  1. Air fryer

An Air Fryer

An air fryer is a more recent appliance for the modern kitchen. In these days of radical health consciousness, this kitchen gadget comes as a boon. It is essential for when you are looking at consuming low fat or less oil in your meals. The most noteworthy factor is that the air-fryer can help you to cook all deep-frying recipes with minimum oil. Its inner surface is non-stick, hence you just need to brush a little oil on, and there you go! That’s a great mix of convenience, aesthetics and healthy cooking!


Makes For Good Ambiance

  1. Coffeemaker

A Coffeemaker

This is yet another must-have kitchen appliance especially relevant to coffee lovers. With this in your kitchen, you are ensured of a regular supply of coffee during the day- or night. Some coffee makers come with features that include making a variety of coffee like espresso, cappuccino, and latte. Furthermore, you can be prepared with authentic coffee whenever a guest lands at home. In any case, keep yourself caffeinated and alert through the day!



There are various appliances used in the modern kitchen and I have presented just a few here. These are, but just 9, among a plethora of appliances available on the market. It is, of course, a matter of personal choice. Apart from their uses their possession solely depends on one’s personal needs. Then there are some who’d buy a gadget just to display it in their kitchen rather than out of necessity!

If you’d like to tell me about your favorite or essential kitchen appliance, please feel free to do so in the comments below. After all, we are only helping somebody to make an informed choice with a pleasant read!

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