5 Great Places to Visit in the Monsoon

Awesome Places to Visit in the Monsoon!

The monsoon has arrived! The rain gods smile on us with torrential downpours but our spirits are not dampened or bedraggled. Rather, they rise and we are charmed beyond compare. Rains weave a magic around everything and as water courses down the hills and streets, the air is electric. It is filled with a new energy that vibrates in frequencies that are sui generis only to monsoons. The skies darken as they cloud over and a fine mist of rain falls evenly to the ground below. The earth is shrouded in a misty robe and its beauty spills over. Certainly, nature is seen in all its monsoon glory. And there are these great places you are tempted to visit in the monsoon!


Awaken to the beauty of the rains!

Consequently, the once arid land becomes mystifyingly green and verdant. The monsoon waves its magic wand over trees and plants. The landscape is transformed and a velvet of green cloaks the barrenness. Yes, you might inwardly quail at the idea of traveling across the country during the monsoon, but it’s worth it. You need to brave the rains and experience those magical moments that elevate your spirit and your soul. There are many spectacular monsoon destinations that can do this. In a sense, probably life is incomplete if you don’t savor the glory of the rainy season and make the most of it.

Travel with us

So what are you waiting for? Untie those bonds and let your spirit soar as you soak in the splendorous sights that await you. Let’s travel across the country and look at a few stunning places that are also wonders in their own way. These are places you must visit in the monsoon


Kumarakom backwaters

A gem in Kerala’s studded tourist cap, Kumarakom is close to Kottayam city. Not for nothing is it known as a Paradise on Earth. During the monsoon, this wondrous backwater tourist destination is ablaze with the glory of varied fauna and flora. Even birds think that this verdant village is worth visiting and varied migratory birds make this sleepy village their sanctuary. If bird-watching is your hobby, then you are in for a real monsoon treat. You’ll get to see and hear some amazing specimens of our feathered friends. Nothing can equal a rain-swept landscape, the gorgeous velvet of green that spreads out for miles.


Kumarakom at dusk

Take a long walk and breathe in the wonder around you, but be sure to arm yourself with an umbrella, or better still, a raincoat. You never know when the heavens will open up!

Get carried away by the misty hills!



Misty hills of Coorg

An amazing hill station, Coorg- or Kodagu- is frequently referred to as the Scotland of India. Its lush forests, rolling misty hills, breathtaking views and endless tea and coffee plantations make Coorg a rich tourist spot. No matter if you’re trekking, climbing mountain peaks or indulging in adventure sports, the scenery hits you. The picturesque, ever-changing landscape captivates you. One minute it’s misty, then suddenly a thick fog envelops you and a cold breeze hits you from nowhere! The heavens open up and the rains drive away the fog. You’re transported to a world where it seems that the green never ends!


One of the many small waterfalls

The more often you visit, the longer you want to stay and experience all that the monsoon has to offer. Drive through the rains, walk, hike and savor the beauty all around you- Coorg has much to offer.


Known as the Abode of the Clouds the mist often plays hide and seek in Shillong. It’s a wonderful getaway for those who love the rolling clouds and lush, green forests. The downpours are relentless but the waterfalls are gorgeous- as they thunder down with a deafening roar.  You can experience the gamut of nature during the rainy season.


View from the top

Acres of velvet stretch before your eyes, bliss fills your being and the strong stirrings of your soul awaken you. This hill station in Meghalaya is divine and ecstatic, revs up your spirit and makes you feel as if you are among the gods!


Root bridges, Shillong

Guwahati houses the nearest railway station and airport for Shillong and you’ll do well with a bit of driving and walking to get the full effect of this heavenly abode!

The Enchanting Valleys!
Valley of Flowers

Valley of flowers, Uttarakhand

This is yet another place that you can pay anything for, just for a visit in the monsoon! The Valley of Flowers in the northern State of Uttarakhand is literally and figuratively a scenic valley in full bloom. This high altitude valley is a botanical wonderland and that’s not surprising at all. When the rains come down, the flowers come up and you’re surrounded by a spectacular ocean of flowers, of every imaginable hue.


Another view

The riot of color is even more spellbinding as this floral valley emerges from amidst the clouds. As you trek and climb up the mountains, a burst of color hits you as unique flowers of innumerable shades dot the landscape. Even before you recover from this floral gasp, your attention is riveted by another Alpine delight. And you stand still and witness this heavenly rainbow- on the ground!



Govindghat is close to this Valley of Flowers- its a bus stand that is just 18 km away from this torrential view of color and shade.


Charming, picturesque, divine- this small hill station is tucked away in the Nilgiri Hills in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India. During the monsoon, its beauty is magnified a thousand times and this gift of the forest is a gift from those that dwell above. In fact, if you’re one of those lucky ones, then you can probably experience the ‘Brachem Spectre’, where a few low-hanging clouds envelop you as you walk through the drenched hills and wringing foliage that augurs for memorable and unimaginably breathtaking vistas.



You can visit Kodai at almost any time of the year. A visit in the monsoon, however, is certainly the best time to experience the place in totality. A glimpse of it will have you wanting for even more- that’s the magic that Kodaikanal wields.


Kodai- misty hills

Steep yourself in the monsoon

Don’t miss out on these ‘visit in the monsoon’ places- the rains may be heavy but don’t let that deter you. Above all, you got to experience the flora and fauna and rejoice in all its splendor. The all-around beauty captivates nature lovers, ardent trekkers, and keen bikers alike. Nature is at its best and beckons those who adore her. Most noteworthy, the power of beauty simply captivates everybody.


Enjoying in the rains

Enjoy the exhilarating monsoon rather than shying away from it. You’ll miss out on the lovely sights that these places have to offer. Just let down your hair and dance in the bountiful rains. That’s one sure way to enjoy nature’s pleasant gift to mankind!

If you have in mind places that qualify for a visit in the monsoon, do share them with us. We like to travel too!

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